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same ‘qwerty’ phonetic keyboard layout: For:

[ 32bit / XP version: http://oyd11.posterous.com/phonetic-keymaps-win32-windows-xp-heb-rus ]

‘qwerty’ phonetic keyboard layout: For: * Hebrew / Yiddish (‘ קשערתט ’ – same as the ‘phonetic hebrew’ on the MacOsX) * Russian (Cyrillic ‘яшерты’) * Ukranian oriented version * Bulgarian version ( ‘яшертъ’) * Polish – latin, normal, ‘grey-alt’ – but no-“dead-key” version (ąęćłżź) * US-English + diatrics (äëÿüïö – with grey-alt) ]

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same ‘qwerty’ phonetic keyboard layout: For: [32bit / XP version: http://oyd11.posterous.com/phonetic-keymaps-win32-windows-xp-heb-rus ] [ ‘qwerty’ phonetic keyboard layout: For: – Hebrew / Yiddish (‘ קשערתט ’ – same as the ‘phonetic hebrew’ on the MacOsX) – Russian (Cyrillic ‘яшерты’) – Ukranian oriented version – Bulgarian version ( ‘яшертъ’) – Polish – latin, normal, ‘grey-alt’ – but no-“dead-key” version (ąęćłżź) – US-English + diatrics (äëÿüïö – with grey-alt) ]

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they are bigger than us, I mean, they live in a bigger, stretched out time-scale, hundreds, maybe thousands of years...
we find them abstract, as we look at them from our "concrete" flesh-n-blood perspective, but it's just a matter of perspective, they're just as real, our stuctures - interwoven.
"we", as bodies, host them, through generations, through learning, through ideas and traditions.

is it possible to choose, to change your hosted ghost? is it moral?
how do they travel?

we have to, as responsible citizens of the planet earth, find better non-hostile means to communicate, with our ghosts

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Европейской столицей йоги?
European capital of yoga?

Partial Yoga travel guide for kiev
(and other places:)

my own list:
Yoga studios:
Siderski's and Lappa's studios,
thus far I've been practicing at Y23

http://www.yoga.ua - Andrey-Siderski, Y23
[www.yoga.ua/ru/Большой_зал - weekly time-table]
http://www.universal-yoga.com - Andrey-Lappa

http://kievyogastudio.com/studio/teachers/ - looks interesting enough

Saunas in town:
Lot's of Sauna's and Banyas in town, these are rather rent by the hour, for a group of friends (4 people, most), [rather than public saunas]
Here's the sauna search index:


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The "chair freeze" is a matsyasana variation!


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Yoga | Asana | Intuition | Childhood/youthfulness | accessability to the spin


Reading Cohen-Or et all 2008 - structure preserving halftoning

To find:
Ostromoukhov [2001]
Claim and methods to produce blue-noise spec in image-dith

should do more important tings in life
nuff noise, time to rid of time poverty


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"несмотря на полное отсутствие у них элементарных эзотерических знаний, у них часто отмечались «странные» явления"


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last Thursday, me, on the buttons, Falke ^  sixFingersTheatre , on the dough
[at the Rogatka / TLV, Israel] [ Chip to Gaza release ]

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misoSoup+w/Batata+w/Wakame for lunch.



Click here to download:
fence11.swf (1 KB)

Click here to download:
Main.as (4 KB)

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my old phonetic keyboard maps, now that the TAU site is down... hope I
have the .js somewhere too.....

[ 'qwerty' phonetic keyboard layout: For:
+ Hebrew / Yiddish (' קשערתט ' - same as the 'phonetic hebrew' on the MacOsX)
+ Russian (Cyrillic 'яшерты')
+ Ukranian oriented version
+ Bulgarian version ( 'яшертъ')
+ Polish - latin, normal, 'grey-alt' - but no-"dead-key" version (ąęćłżź)
+ US-English + diatrics (äëÿüïö - with grey-alt) ]

Click here to download:
kbdMaps.win.zip (143 KB)

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כוונות, מול ציפיות;; תובנות מה-8'ה חודשים האחרונים? למדנו משו? הצלחנו כבר לשכוח

Nuance, or is it so? Coming with intention, or with expection...

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Caleb Gattegno, divides a learning process into 4 stages,

Claiming that only Awareness is transferable (to the student). Implications are interesting, as teachers and as learners.

  • 1. Awareness, realising that there's something new to be learnt, this is essential, thus, a great responsibility of a teacher
  • 2. Feedback stage: exploration, making mistakes, ends when success is met with total presence
  • 3. Transition: from being able to perform something with total attention, to an actual automatic skill, where attention can be brought forth to other things
  • 4. Transfer: Being able to transfer the knowledge to other skills. learning to run using your experience in walking, etc.

Gattegno specifically explored language-acquisition, and math teaching


He also marks an effort measurement unit he calls 'ogden'

See also : "The Role of Sleep in Language Learning: What I Learned as a Silent Way Teacher"
/ Bruce Ballard
In April, 1986, Dr. Gattegno published a newsletter titled "Sleep Revisited" (available from Educational Solutions). In it he reviews scientific research on sleep and offers his own insights. He criticizes much of Western research because it analyzes sleep solely from the outside, i.e., by observing others as they sleep. The research tradition also considers sleep as merely a fatigued reaction to each day's events. For many years Dr. Gattegno followed this path himself until he realized he could make more headway by viewing sleep as a continuous experience that begins at birth and is punctuated by periods of wakefulness. He also conducted experiments on himself while he slept."

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Asana-practice, from a medical POV:
[interesting overview, neural muscular system, etc]
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"This fervid desire for the Web bespeaks a longing so intense that it can only be understood as spiritual."
-David Weinberger

"The Internet - is one big cemetery"
- oyd11, circa 2002

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Pratyahara, the internalization of senses

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it/s the whitenoise stimulating your aural centres they say.
it's the grounding effect of the electric grounding.
it could be the [notSoWhite]-noise patterns all over your skin, which is made up of the same embryonic-stem-cells as neurons, the taps randomly releasing caught up neural patterns from last-nights' dream or bike-ride...


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no time to swing a cat;
meaningful posts queueing inhte dark

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Quasi-self-similar riddim (ok, this is not yet a riddim...)

a -> b

b -> a b

fibAb.m / matlab src:
function fibAb()
% the Fibonacci-riddim
% Tamar-Regev + kcalev, Dec2009
% Idea, from Ron Lipschitz's lecture

g{1} = [1];

for i = 2 : 11
    score = [];
    prev = g{ i - 1 };
    for j = 1 : length ( prev  )
        if prev(j) == 0
            score = [ score 1 ];
        if prev(j) == 1
            score = [ score 1 0 ];
    g{ i } = score;

fs = 44100;
timeInterval = 0.11; % seconds
t = [0: 1/fs : timeInterval];
s1 = sin( fr*t*pi*2 );
s2 = sin( fr2*t*pi*2 );

s = { s1, s2};
out = [];
for i = 1: length(score)
    soundsc(s{ score(i) +1 }, fs);

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Download now or listen on posterous
fibTst.mp3 (204 KB)

[a -> b]

[b -> a b]

Click here to download:
fibAb.m (0 KB)

see also:

* Symmetry of Quasicrystals / Ron Lifshitz


http://magneticmusic.ws/NFRhufker.pdf - Fibonacci  Numbers, the "Golden Mean"  and Audio Engineering/ BARRY  HUFKER 

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Conway's Law: [ Systems' structure reflect the social structure]
"organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations"
Thus analyse a projects structure, and consider certain social reorganisations.

I find Melvin Conway comment - simple, trivial, and (thus) inspiring;;
On to Melvin's page, where he claims that until we manipulate software using the 'hand-eye-loop', the process would not be "widely understood"::
[ http://www.melconway.com/appmodel/index.html ]

This wildly predicts Brook's-law - adding manpower to an existing project - requires time establish the new (more complex) communication stucture, thus, delays the project. Many interesting aspects.

not totally related laws:

  • Brook's law"adding manpower to a late software project makes it later"
  • Wirth's law[::WP] - "Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster."
  • Greenspun's_Tenth_Rule[::WP] - "Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of Common Lisp." ... "Including Common Lisp" (Robert Morris)
  • Zawinski's_law_of_software_envelopment[::WP] - Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.
  • Parkinson's Law[::WP]Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.
  • Peter_principle[::WP] "In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence."

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hackTracer, less news. still much worse than the JVM version.

+AVM2-rtRtCollapse )
TODO: make a 'play' button instead of 'cut'+pic
[[ http://atto.tau.ac.il/~oyd11/tau/jomuledet2006/ScenaNekija200.html ]]
^ the JVM version

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Test 1,2: [click to zoom, hold spacebar to zoom more... this was a benchmark code, more able it l8r]
[the 'sane' way to host 'swf' - seems to be 'posterous' blogging for now!]
(oh, gosh, this seems to show only on GoogleChrome....! bloggingPlatform + embedtag mess...

html taG::
< embed src="http://sites.google.com/site/oyd11eleven/file-cabinet/AsMand.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" salign="lt" height="280" width="280"> </embed>
-- (doesn't work on IE, but does 'everywhere else'), use 'object' tag instead

Hosting your 'SWF' - compiled flash ( LJ only allows photos )
google-sites seems like an easy reliable option : http://sites.google.com/

There's a blog entry here, about specific SWF hosts:
20 BEST Websites to Host Your Flash Files (SWF) for Free

Now, how to post sourcecode easily on LJ? or should code postings just move to wordpress?

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Thu Aug 17 02:34:34 2006
02:35 [Kai1111] oj
02:35 [Kai1111] my mice
02:35 [Kai1111] they are too loud!
02:35 [Kai1111] digging under the floor... fsck it.
02:36 [Kai1111] oj
02:36 [Kai1111] just you and I bot.
02:45 [Kai1111] and the mice....
02:45 [Kai1111] (how could I forget)
02:50 ['sonoBot'] Hello girls, how is everybody tonight?
02:50 [Kai1111] gmmmm
02:51 [Kai1111] ah, forgot a \n
02:51 [Kai1111] !?
02:51 ['sonoBot'] help::TODO...
02:51 [Kai1111] yu[
02:51 [Kai1111] yup
02:53 ['sonoBot'] Hello girls, how is everybody tonight?
02:54 [Kai1111] delay'd a bit...
02:54 [Kai1111] ?!
02:54 ['sonoBot'] (!)I have no dictionary....
02:54 [Kai1111] @qwe
02:54 ['sonoBot'] (qwe)is not unix....
02:54 [Kai1111] ok, sanity chk pass'd
02:54 [Kai1111] !?
02:54 ['sonoBot'] help::TODO...
02:55 [Kai1111] yes these mice are quite loud...
04:16 [Kai1111] is there any dsp trick to keep mice away?
04:17 [Kai1111] some chirps gotta do it...
04:24 [Kai1111] trying some max patches.... setting snd output on 96khz...
04:26 [Kai1111] some alias'd FM around 80khz made him stand of him
hind legs for a while.... he's so cute!!!
04:27 [Kai1111] ring modulation sounds nicer.... but seems to have
little effect... h,,,,mmm
04:46 [Kai1111] well, all this aliasing made him run around pretty restlessly!
04:47 [Kai1111] as I turned it off - he run out the room like a storm!
04:47 [Kai1111] and somehow there's a crazy bee here on the carpet
now.... doing this weird crawling on the floor...
04:48 [Kai1111] might have really confused here, on the mouse stepped on her?!
08:30 [Kai1111] ^qwe
08:30 ['sonoBot'] latest directions in composition have been
prepared by historical events in which Risset plays an important role
08:30 [Kai1111] aha!
08:34 [Kai1111] ^
08:34 ['sonoBot'] organized motion has refined motions
08:34 [Kai1111] ^
08:34 ['sonoBot'] thinking consists of developed shape
08:36 [Kai1111] ^
08:36 ['sonoBot'] current trends in modern composition have been
made possible by historical events in which Arnlod Schoenberg plays
an important role
08:36 [Kai1111] ahhh... gotta sl33p
22:51 [luc`] how does this bot work? does it react to some input?
02:12 [banton] hey guys... so mice are too loud?
02:12 [banton] I had mice in my flat.. I decimated them with traps and
02:13 [banton] by stuffing every hole into the walls
02:15 [banton] so I see you started porting the sono-jargon.. great!
02:15 [banton] so I see you started porting the sono-jargon.. great!
02:53 [Kai1111] Ah, yes, m Jansen in Bilderdijkstraat 8 I think... if
you know any other sonogeeks in sgravenhage at the time.... spread the
word, why not...
02:53 [Kai1111] as for mice, well
02:53 [Kai1111] I like them, it's just they're abit noisy digging lately....
02:54 [Kai1111] but I wouldn't put traps.... maybe the japs will put
traps all around when I leave, which is too soon anyway
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Andy Wardley is quite a cool guy.

Now, that the Koheneth-Alloro - is here on vacation, we'll do some
(somehow related) design work



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"Therefore, the Sage manages his affairs without ado,
And spreads his teaching without talking.
He denies nothing to the teeming things.
He rears them, but lays no claim to them.
He does his work, but sets no store by it.
He accomplishes his task, but does not dwell upon it"
- Lao Tzu [ TaoTehChing, 2 ]
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Why so much focus on Asana practice? we were asked.
1. It's the most measurable form of Yoga practice. Being measurable,
makes it's easier to advance
2. Asanapractice helps differentiate the observer (seer, Purusha) from
the observed (object), thus helping the observer not to indentify with
the flux of contentiousness.
[ As in the Yoga-sutra : 1.3,1.4:: "Then, the Witness is aware of
it's own form; otherwise - identifies with the flux of
contentiousness" ]
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As i was just now explained, the Lorentz_transformations of Special
Relativity, are simply rotation matrices, if time is taken to be Imaginary
(is the sqrt(-1) sence)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginary_time (a different imaginary time!)

http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/teaching/undergrad/partii/handouts/GR_2_09.pdf /Theory
of Relativity
Michaelmas Term 2009: M. Haehnelt
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  • technique used by actors to convey emotion without verbal speech or
  • skill of achieving one's objective by influencing others but not by
    explicit action or speech
  • performance of drawing a face on one's abdomen and moving it by
    dancing to create funny expressions
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"Do not manage *time* - manage >>creativity<<"
how? leaving the *spaces-in-between*
cuz that's where stuff *happens*

[»Emptiness-0« same post on Posterous]

practical examples -

  • . classical 'taoist' examples - Tao-Teh-Ching - chapter 11 (space
    between the spokes - creating the wheel)

  • . signal processing - reconstructing a signal using only
    zero-crossing information (conditions formulated)
    listen to the magnitude spikes! most *information* - is still there,
    it's the *timing*, it's the spaces in between the samples

== cut cut code [matlab] zcSpikes.m ==
 [sig,fs] = mp3Read( "../mu/tatu - Ljudi Invalidy/4to ne xvataet.mp3");
 zcIndices = find(diff( sign( sig) ) ~= 0);
 spikes = sig(zcIndices +1) - sig(zcIndices);
 spikeSig = zeros( size( sig ) );
 spikeSig( zcIndices ) = spikes;
 soundsc( spikeSig, fs );
== end cut ==
% parabolic fit, would do better... lpc , better yet...

Petros T. Boufounos and Richard G. Baraniuk |
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconstruction_from_zero_crossings <- 1 octave wide signals, sharing no-zeros with their Hilbert-transform]



.. more examples.. more examples...
[generally, in 'life'... life...]

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Haptic Tattoos,

found through
MoPo:: geek / design blog

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currently empty:
oyd11 (Kobi Kai Calev)
This is you!
Name: Kobi Kai Calev
Member Since: Nov 13, 2009 (32 minutes)

fridays' 13 rocks! can't go wrong with that.

The 'Social Coding' slogan is great!
but is this it? is this the 'facebook of coding'? the 'flickr' of coding?
We need something like, for 'casual coding', when one could categorize a 'project'(let) under a title ('physics', arithmetics-tricks, audio-hacks, whatever), you would have your 'friends' and groups, which would be social, and not necessarily 'project related',
ie, a 'speech-synth' group, a 'ray-tracing' group, were one would deploy simple lil hacks, there would be a comments or releases, etc...

oh well.

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useful when needed to quote a Korean (Hangul) letter for example, a
greek letter, or a devanagari ohm or whatever... ॐ | β | ...
(I couldn't find how to compose korean, but that's a different problem...)

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Israeli Go Association Wiki!
"יש מפגשים בתל אביב במרכז ויצמן ליד בית חולים אכילוב כל שישי משתיים עד שש"

Why Ichilov? An alternative to be provided. TBD.

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A real useful FAQ actually!

The FQA:: Frequently Questioning Answer
There's alot of common-sense and more performance awareness than in
the FAQ...


+ post old blog entries about C++ 'list-comprehension' like template
code... etc etc.
+ sleep more
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nice examples.
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זכרונות. לונדון, תשרי 2009, בסוכה של דוד שלי.


Memories. London, in my Uncle's Suka.
Sukkot, October 2009, [Tishrey 5770].
Late evening.
My uncle and I, sitting in the Sukkah, reminiscing. He's telling me
about him and my mother being kids, about my mum being a little
rascal. We talk about how the world's changed beyond comprehension
since he was kid, since I was a kid.
About him and my mum scanning ShortWave-radio, to find classical music
from Balkan radio stations.
Then I recall - I did the same - scanning shortwave-radio, we talked
about how the internet's changed the world, both access, and ease of
Morning, I wake up, my head full of vivid memories of childhood and
the 'media', last-night's talk did the thing.
I think I'm eight year old, it's the mid 1980's; Me and my friend
Doron, publish a (very-local!) newspaper. We write 2 short
fiction-stories, a quiz, a maze, draw a centre-fold poster of some
monster, and promote our new radio-show. We write it together, then
copy 10 copies, by-hand. I recall being very pleased about how the
monsterboy centrefold looks different of each and every copy. Then we
hand the copies, each at thier own school, to friends. We've made
three-monthly-issues I think. I especially remember the style of the
centrefold drawing, and how we developed it together, each copying the
other's drawing.
Our radioshows: So we had this radio, and I had a microphone, I used
to scan shortwave-radio for hours and hours as a kid, mostly on
saturday mornings, I would sit with my headphones, listen to the
'flying-saucer' sounds go across when turning the dial. then I started
playing with the microphone feedback. then I started recording them.
Later-on, the young mr. Falke joined me, we started interviewing
one-another, tell stories, I would always cut into the sound-effects,
and sometimes put on a Jean-Michel-Jarre tune from my mother's
collection... come to think of it, it was kindof a 'proper radio
show', considering we were 9 or 10 at the time.
We couldn't broadcast it, so we would make copies on a doublecassette,
and distribute it in class, sometimes I would use the doublecassette
to play in double-speed (the copying option), and record the
double-speed-Jarre tune with a microphone, playing with some
mic-location and room-sound...
Our magazine promoted the radio-show, and vice-versa. I recall not
making enough copies of the radioshows, lacking cassettes, and
probably collecting tapes, and overtaping the next-shows.
I really wonder whether I could find one of these show in my mum's Boydem.
London, 2009 again.
My uncle and I tell stories about people surviving the war; admittedly
what you call holocaust stories.  Talk about the neighbourhoods where
each of us grew up, and how much Yiddish was being heard. I was still
hearing lot's of poor kids shouting Yiddish, three month ago.
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זכרונות. לונדון, תשרי 2009, בסוכה של דוד שלי.


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The Vishnu Purana
translated by Horace Hayman Wilson


TODO:: Edit LJ entries from today... ;p
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from reading some sutras, the -bhyo ending, seems like the plural
dative case ending for some noun morphology, however it does not
appear in the WP chart, googling yields some vague results


hmmm... hmm... history of indoeuropean morphology...
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Found a link with chants:
"Nagarajaya Namaha
This chant is from the Kurma Purana, and is chanted as a gesture of
sanctifying a practice space."
http://www.yogaworkshop.com/library/mani.php (sanskrit, dotted +
devanagari + mp3)

mani bhratphana sahasravighrtavisvam
bharamandalayanantaya nagarajaya namah.
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Ajay uses a real nice opening prayer, noting it's from the Kurma
Purana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurma_Purana
(couldn't locate it there...), quoting prayer sheet his sheet: I'd
love to find it in context, and read it... and find translations...
I'll go ask him.

Jeevamani bharajath phana
| The common soul (jeeva) shines like an emerald on the head of the snake
Sahasra vidruth vishwambara
| Which has a thousand heads and is all-pervading
Mandalaya ananthaya
| with three circles, unlimited
Nagarajaya namaha
| King of Snakes, I pay respect to you

Abahu purushakaram
| Manifest in human form
Shanka chakrasi darinam
| Bearing the conch and the wheel
Sahasra shirasam shwetam
| With a thousand snow-white heads
Pranavami Patanjalem
| I surrender to you, Patanjali ( this is weird, "Pranavami", vs
"pranamami" in the KP Jois text?, why Patanjalem not Patanjalim?
sounds like 'older' sanskrit, could be)
Gurubhyo namaha
| I pay respect to the guru
Devatabhyo namaha
| I pay respect to the divine adepts.

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Going to Bangkok next week, and London the following one. will be
shopping for *tea*, books (I need a *Go* book
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game) ), and *shoes* (becoming abit

[London:: turns out I could do most things round Islington... funny]
* Fabric: (Havn't been there for about 7 years!) Fridays DnB etc,
Saturdays, Techno.
* Forward @ Plastic-People (Old-Street tube), sunday eves (teh dubstep thing)
* Spektrum weekly:: at the Herbal: Wednesdays (minimal, etc)
*Where do they playing oldschool garage though?

http://www.planetorganic.com (Great! there a branch in Islington)
http://www.sportecltd.com [ vibram fivefingers ]
http://www.twinings.co.uk/footer/our-shop/ [ 216 Strand, London,.tube:
Temple, or Charing Cross | Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Saturdays,
10am to 4pm. ]

* Earthshoes - http://earth-healthshoes.com
* Tea - Ongtea - http://ongtea.blogspot.com
* YogaElements - http://www.yogaelements.com heard real good things,
and it's on the 24th floor. what can go wrong?
* AbsoluteYoga - http://www.absoluteyogabangkok.com
* DharmaYoga-Bangkok - (?) http://www.dharmayoga-spa.com/contact-cont.html
couldn't understand website, but that's were Ajay told me he gave a workshop
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